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Nermeen Osman
Nermeen Osman
April 18, 2024 · joined the group.
RJ "Deke" Dieken
RJ "Deke" Dieken

None of the links here seem to work, so I guess I'll just go on Twitter and troll the DA, let us know when you have links to email the DA that work, as well as a link to your preferred petition.

Also, the comment screen is typing black on black and I can't seem to see anything I type.

RJ "Deke" Dieken
RJ "Deke" Dieken
Aug 02, 2021

The black on black issue only happens where I click on the "Share something" here as a reply, I can see my text just fine.

RJ "Deke" Dieken
RJ "Deke" Dieken
July 26, 2021 · joined the group.
Nick Regan
July 25, 2021 · joined the group.
First Supporter


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