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Can I vote if my name is missing from the registered voter list?

Yes, you have the right to vote using a provisional if your name is absent from the Registered Voter List.

There are many reasons why a poll worker can say your name is not listed in the poll book, including the poll worker skipping it by accident, or going to the wrong polling place. Make sure your name does appears, and conform that you are at the correct polling place.

Yes, you have the right to vote even if you are told your name does not appear in the registered voter list. You also have the right to use a provisional ballot, even if your name does not appear on the list.

First, confirm with the poll worker that they cannot find your name. Ask them to check the list again and be sure to spell your whole name to them. Then ask if there is a supplemental list of voters. Second, confirm that you are at the correct polling place. Request that the poll worker check a statewide system, if one is available, to see if you are registered to vote at a different polling place. If the poll worker does not have access to a statewide system, ask them to call the main election office. If you are registered at a different location, in most instances, you will have to travel to that location to cast a regular ballot. Additionally, you can call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to get assistance confirming your correct polling place. Third, if the poll worker cannot find your name, or if you cannot travel to your correct polling place, ask the poll worker for a provisional ballot, also known as an affidavit ballot, call the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

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