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Can the police stop photographers from taking photos?

No! If you can see whatever you are taking a picture of and you are on public property, then you can take a photo of it.

Although you may have the right to take photos, be advised that the slightest action or resistance towards the police may get you arrested on other charges. Also, given the increasing frequency of police officers harassing photographers, don't be surprised if it happens to you—just stay calm and know that you are within your right to take photos.

Despite what some police officers or other officials may think, taking photos of the police in action is not illegal. In fact, anyone can snap a photo as long as the subject is plainly visible from public space— although, certain designated military and energy installations are off-limits to photograph because of national security concerns, Public spaces include federal buildings, transportation facilities, as well as people such as police or other government officials. More importantly police officers are not allowed to confiscate your camera or even demand to view your digital photographs or videos without a warrant; the police cannot delete your photographs for any reason. If they do, they may face felony charges.

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