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Archie Frias
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First Supporter
Jul 02, 2021
Hi, I have a friend who is very smart. He is an adult with a good job but he grew up in the South and I need help refuting some of the things he has said. I think he believes that some people in BLM are murderers or have done bad things like that. How do I explain that not only is that not true, but the police or white supremacists are the murderers/brutalists? Also: how do I explain that the January 6 insurrection was not “a riot of the unheard, like BLM riots” but something much worse? Also: how do I explain former president Trump’s complicity in the January 6 riot, even though he did use the words “peaceful” to describe his desires for that day. Also: is there a list of Trump’s examples of racist, sexist, anti-lgbt behavior I can use? Oh this is horrible: how do I explain that one subset of the American population isn’t responsible for the majority of the crime, which also then leads to racism? Last: how frequent or pervasive is racism in the police system? Also, why is it so pervasive?
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