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A socIAl justice network created to end Injustice
✊🏽 Know your rights knowledgebase
🚑 Alternatives to calling 911
🤳🏾 Film and report civil rights abuse
⚖️ Join action campaigns
⚡️ Setup groups and build coalitions


"A world changing idea"


Do not delet me


Get guidance to know and assert your rights


Film incidents more safely and securely


Join group pages and build your coalition


Find alternatives to calling police


File incidents reports and get help


Abolish police



Rewards for joining advocacy campaigns 


Connect with like-minded individuals 


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You have Reyets
to protect your rights
Turn every cell phone into a tool for accountability, knowledge, and safety. 

Partners and Supporters

Passionate about rights and doing good? We are looking for like-minded partners to do meaningful work together.